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CSN — obbligazioni e profilo della compagnia

Società CSN
nome completo della società Companhia Siderurgica Nacional
paese Brasile
paese di registrazione Brasile
settore Ferrous metals
Sito internet
ICB 1700 Basic Resources
Sito IR


  • pre-LEI / LEI
  • CIK


Companhia Siderúrgica Nacional was founded on April 9, 1941, becoming operational on October 1, 1946. As the first integrated flat steel producer in Brazil, CSN played a historical role in the country's industrialization process. Steel from its mills permitted the implantation of the nation's first domestic industries, the nucleus of the modern day Brazilian industrial park. Privatized in 1993, with over six decades in the market, the company continues to make history. A listed public company, with shares traded on the São Paulo and New York (NYSE) stock exchanges, CSN is one of the largest and most competitive integrated steel companies in Latin America. With an annual production capacity of 5.8 million tons and around eight thousand employees, CSN is focused on steel production, mining and infrastructure. The company has one of the most comprehensive lines of high added value flat steel on offer throughout the continent. Integrated strategy in total alignment with the core business ensures CSN's leadership of the steel sector in Brazil. The acquisition of the assets of Heartland Steel and the subsequent incorporation of CSN LLC in the United States in 2001, was the first step towards the internationalization of the company. Currently, company assets consist of an integrated steel mill, five industrial units, two of them abroad (the United States and Portugal), iron ore, limestone and dolomite mines, a major flat steel distributor, port terminals, as well as shares in railroads and two hydroelectric plants.

Rating di credito dell' emittente

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Importo delle emissioni obbligazionarie presenti sul mercato

Valuta Emissioni di obbligazioni in corso Volume complessivo
BRL 3 600 000 000
USD 3 2 095 557 000


Obbligazione Importo, milioni. Status
CSN, 7.625% 13feb2023, USD 925 USD in corso
CSN, FRN 30mar2022, BRL 100 BRL in corso
CSN, FRN 09jan2022, BRL 100 BRL in corso
CSN, FRN 28mar2021, BRL 400 BRL in corso
CSN, 6.50% 21jul2020, USD 1.200 USD in corso
CSN, 7.0% perp., USD 1.000 USD in corso
CSN, FRN 20jul2019, BRL 1.150 BRL estinta
CSN, 6.875% 21sep2019, USD 750 USD estinta
CSN, 9.50% perp., USD 750 USD estinta anticipatamente
CSN, 10% 15jan2015, USD 400 USD estinta

Consolidated IFRS reports

anno 1 tr. sei mesi 9 mesi anno
0.89 M eng
0.81 M eng
0.88 M eng
3.29 M nat
0.92 M eng
0.87 M eng
0.94 M eng
2.14 M eng

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